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Pat Ruzich,
​         Journey Guide

I have been exploring the mystery of how to help people, groups, and organizations change for a long time. Creating real change often seems difficult and we end up disappointed. When change does happen, sometimes very easily, understanding how to create it again can seem mysterious. Exploring and learning from that mystery for 30 plus years has culminated in my spa retreat, Journey to Wholeness, which incorporates my workshop, Shortcuts to Change.    

Pat's Story

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Threse Fuchs

Martha Johnson 

It is a great privilege and honor to work with each individual and give them the massage that will best help them have a positive healing experience. My work is a combination of Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy, working with muscles and the nervous system. As a practitioner for over twenty years, my intention for my clients is to release stress or tension, resulting in deep relaxation. 

I came to yoga seeking a way to respond to the challenges of day-to-day life with less reactivity. The traditional yoga practices of movement, breath regulation, and meditation are powerful tools that can help anyone seeking healing and transformation. I help students find a calm internal space from which to observe and shift patterns of movement, thought, and behavior as a path towards wellbeing, purpose, and happiness.

Body Worker

 Yoga Therapist​​​​​​

Rebekah Easter

Nicole Barlow

After attending a School of Massage Therapy I explored the healing arts including energy work, homeopathy, lymphatic massage, cranio-sacral therapy, nondirective movement and spiritual awareness. I apprenticed with an herbalist, traveled to Thailand to study Thai traditional Massage, and received a certificate in Rolfing and Movement Therapy.  I believe the healing arts gives us the opportunity to be responsible for and observe the healing process within ourselves.

Body Worker

Body Worker

As a body worker and somatic coach, I am committed to empowering each client to deepen their relationship with their whole being. My intention is to bring full-hearted presence to support an ever-increasing awareness of the body. I draw from over a decade of study and practice of Somatic energy work, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and Shiatsu.

One of the reasons I love acupuncture is because it is a hands on therapy.  Therein lies both a great challenge and great reward of healing the body with nothing more than a few needles and my hands. My treatment style is a fusion of traditional Japanese acupuncture, Japanese meridian therapy, shiatsu, and tui na massage. My approach has always focused on directly treating the reactions that are found on each individual person to alleviate symptoms while bringing clarity and peace to the mind.

Eric Trager

Anton Wilhelm

Eric Trager has been an established member of the Red Lodge Culinary scene for years working in the highest caliber restaurants Red Lodge has to offer including the Carbon County Steakhouse and the Bridgecreek Bistro before landing at the Old Piney Dell. He has received  a degree at Paul Smiths College in Culinary Arts and Chef Training. He has mastered Montana cuisine and combines it with traditional and creative dining styles that are sure to impress as well as nourish. 

Executive Chef


Meet the Advisory Team

Martha Brown 

Janet Peterson

Board Member

Board Member

Martha Brown, Ph.D. is a native Montanan who spent 30 years working in college and university administration before moving back to Montana to make her home in Red Lodge.  Mountains have always been a powerful spiritual draw for her and Martha spends as much time as she can hiking and skiing in the beautiful mountains surrounding Red Lodge.  Having not been very successful as a retiree, Martha serves on the Red Lodge City Council, chairs the Board of the local community foundation, and is involved with a variety of other non-profits whose missions are near and dear to her heart.  

Janet Peterson brings over 30 years business experience as well as a passion for helping small businesses succeed.​ Janet grew up in Montana where she came to appreciate all that nature has to offer and her connection to the world around her.  The wild and beautiful mountain environment near Red Lodge continues to provide inspiration.  She believes in the power of nature to restore an individual’s spirit. Grateful for the amazing community in which she lives, Janet completes her lifestyle with fulfilling volunteer work.

Chelsea Ditmore

Lynn Tarnoff

Website Developer

Board Member

Chelsea came to Red Lodge to experience a new place and start her Montana adventure. She was excited to find this small town in the mountains, what she did not expect was to find such a strong and supportive community that is committed to supporting one another. Chelsea  would have never had the opportunity to explore her creative dreams without the people in this area. She works at the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation and gets to do her dream job of marketing and outreach. 

Lynn Tarnoff is the director of the visual arts and living well programs at University of Wisconsin - Madison Division of Continuing Studies. With degrees in education and health care administration, Lynn shares her passion for living creatively for personal expression, problem solving, life stage transitions, and stress management. As an award-winning artist, art instructor, gallery cofounder, and business entrepreneur, Lynn has worked in education, public health, toy and game invention, and community art development.