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Shortcuts to Change offers a framework that is simple but radical. The framework comes in the form of a Road Map that invites travelers to begin their journey. The Map offers a sense of direction, a place to start, and most importantly it is a way to explore enough territory so what is needed can show up – a Shortcut. This practical framework helps travelers and guides/Coaches develop skills through mini-lectures, stories, demonstrations and exercises.
Segment 1: Preparing for a Journey
Welcome and overview of the day
Awakening your senses for the journey – lecture, exercise and introductions
Questions to deepen the desired change
Segment 2: The Road Map
Principles for traveling on the Road Map
Introducing the Map
Examples and demonstration
Segment 3: Resources
What is a Resource? Lecture and demo
Tap a Resource and experience walking on the Map
Turn a Roadblock into a Shortcut with a Resource – demo, debrief

Segment 4: Exploring the Map
Present: Your inner compass – lecture
Future: Listen as your future calls you - demo
Balcony: Seeing the Whole –lecture, role of the guide
Putting it all together -  demo, debrief
Summary of the day