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We live in times that require us to be
fully and ​​​​courageously who we are.

Pat has integrated her work as a Life Coach, Executive Coach, Business Consultant, and Family Therapist to create a unique Road Map to Personal Change which she delivers through her coaching, workshops, retreats, and writings. 

Journey to Wholeness​​


High-Performance Coaching

Professional and Personal Workshops

Destination Spa Retreat in the heart of the scenic Beartooth Mountains. Find Harmony  in the present so you can move boldly into the future. 
High-Performance Coaching is a partnership designed to support individuals in taking action towards his or her particular vision and goals.
Life coaching is for those willing to explore the unique journey they are on. Explore with Pat and make the most of your life.
Shortcuts to Change gives you a map for change. Explore the personal or professional workshops to support and bring to life your vision and goals.


  1. Sarie MacKay, Artist and Novelist
    “I appreciate the gentle, imaginative and respectful process of the Timeline and how it opened new doors for me. The act of moving around and using the different perspectives is amazing. I’m grateful for this new way of perceiving and managing my growth.”
  2. Janet Peterson, Resident of Red Lodge
    "Pat’s Shortcuts to Change workshop gave me a new understanding of my own ability to handle changes in my life. Her balcony approach was enlightening and supportive in helping to focus on the issue at hand. Each session brought more comprehension and a clearer awareness of how her process can make a profound difference in guiding me with practical methods for managing change."
  3. Vice President Fortune 500 Company
    “Patricia Ruzich is the most effective executive coach I have experienced, and I have met and worked with many executive coaches. What sets Pat apart from all the others is her intuitive ability and skills to identify the issues preventing an executive from being highly effective. Not only can she drill down to the issues, but she works with an individual to define realistic actionable plans that can be put into place with visible results.”
  4. Attorney, Chicago Law Firm
    “Pat came in and rather than telling me how I should behave, she made me more aware of my surroundings and taught me how to assess my surroundings to become more effective.”
  5. Julie Miller, Community Relations Director
    “Pat employed a variety of techniques to distill the essence of what I was after – moments of clarity that helped propel me into action”
  6. Monica Rinderer, California
    “I can't overestimate how helpful Pat's process was to me when I consulted her on a situation in my life. I gained an entirely new perspective and view of ways to deal with the problem. It was eye-opening and life-changing. If you get a chance to work with Pat, do it!”
  7. Nancy Apperson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    “Pat is a talented clinician, coach, and teacher. I could count on Pat to give me effective feedback that brought clarity to my situation. Recently she taught me her Process for Change. First I experience the process and then used the process with my clients. Her process consistently assisted people move beyond whatever was interfering with their growth and ability to clarify and reach their goals.”
  8. Lynn Tarnoff, Madison, Wisconsin
    “Knowing Pat is a gift. Being in Pat’s presence is a privilege. Working with Pat is life changing. From coaching to journey guide, in workshops or in individual sessions, Pat blends professionalism, extensive training, practical life experience and authenticity to create unique, individual journey experiences. Whatever your journey, Pat can guide you in your next steps to wholeness. I can’t wait to work with her again!”
  9. Alexis M Adams writer and contributor to Scientific American, The Boston Globe, National Geographic Traveler, AFAR, Oxford University Press, and many others. Featured in The New York Times for "solutions-oriented" journalism.
    "Pat not only helped me envision my life and career goals, she helped me make solid strides toward accomplishing them. Without her wisdom and guidance--which is an extraordinary mix of professional, personal, even spiritual advice and insight--I am not sure I would have the bylines and editorial connections I so enjoy today, or that I would have confidence that serves me daily."